Ceremonial Flower Tea Kit


The energy of each ceremony is always unique. Therefore, the energy of your ceremonial brew should meet you at this divine level of energy.

Connect in with the energy of your daily cup of tea or dive deeper in to the energy of ceremony with the Ceremonial Flower Tea that is just perfect for the work your soul is needing to do.

Have a ceremonial tea straight up or infuse the flower energy into your cacao brew. Pure Magic!

Each kit contains:

10g Blue Lotus Flower Tea

10g Egyptian Hibiscus Flower Tea

10g Organic Rose Flower Tea

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The sacred Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea caerulea) held great significance in Ancient Egyptian times and to this day continues to bring us a medicine that is truly wholistic.

The Blue Lotus Flower is known to have aphrodisiac, sexual enhancer and stimulant properties which makes it an incredible medicine to work with when sitting in ceremony.

In Ancient Egyptian writings it was believed that;

In the beginning, when the world was covered with water and darkness, a large blue lotus appeared. The flower opened and light appeared. From the center of the lotus came Ra, the sun god who created all forms of life. Thus, the blue lotus flower became the symbolic depiction of the origins of life.

Inviting Blue Lotus Flower into your ceremony, either on it’s own or infused into your cacao brew, will ignite the visionary from within. It will also enhance your lucid dreaming abilities, making it a perfect cuppa to enjoy just before you begin your sleep journeys.

Research into the Blue Lotus Flower has found that it has stress reducing actions and is a great natural alternative for those needing to rest deeper within their physical body as it navigates this physical world.

Other medicinal properties of this powerful flower include analgesic, in particular for menstruating women who experience pain, as well as anti-diabetic.


This is the preferred drink of the Ancient Egyptian Pharos.

Our hibiscus tea is grown in one of the oldest known agricultural lands in the world, the Aswan region of Egypt.

It’s incredible health benefits make this tea fit for the goddess or god within.

Infuse hibiscus tea into your cacao brew and be transported to the time of the ancients as you call in the Ancient energy of the Egyptian Pharos and the Goddess IxCacao.

In more recent times, modern science has found that hibiscus flower contains high antioxidant, Quercetin and phenolic compounds that have been shown in research to reduce high blood pressure in those with hypertension, reduce cholesterol, protect against cancer and have anti-aging effects.


Invoke the Goddess of Love with every sip…

Rose is the symbol of love. Let our Organic Rose Flower tea guide you deep into a ceremony of love. Love for self, love for life, love all that surrounds you.Since time immemorial, roses have been a symbol of love, the

Sit in ceremony with Rose Tea and call in the energy of giving and receiving, of compassion, of true heart opening.

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