IxCacao Caress Kit


Included in your IxCacao Caress Kit:

~ 500g Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan Cacao Paste

~ 50g Yin Tonic

~ 10g Aswan Hibiscus Flower Tea

~ Spice Pack (Cayenne, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)

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Is it time for you to connect with IxCacao the Goddess of Chocolate?

Are you ready for her to hold your hand as you walk together deeper into your truth and purpose in this life?

Have you been listening to your womb calling for your divine feminine energy to be brought back into balance so you can be the creator of all that this life is calling of you?

Well my dear sister, this beautiful IxCacao Caress Kit is the medicine you need.

In this Kit we have combined the potent medicine of our Guatemalan Cacao with Dark Moon Alchemy’s Yin Tonic and Aswan Hibiscus Flower. Together this will create a brew that will sink you into your divine feminine with an open heart and balanced yin energy.

CALL IN DIVINE BALANCE with our Guatemalan Cacao

Our Guatemalan Cacao is made by 15 beautiful women. All are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, widows, lovers. They love cacao and know the medicine they create with their hands is what allows them to send their children to school and provide for their families. They make their cacao in only the traditional way, the way in which their Grandmothers taught them. Every block of cacao they create is made with such love that it radiates from every the slightest waft of it’s divine cacao scent.

SURRENDER & RECEIVE with Dark Moon Alchemy’s Yin Tonic

Yin – dark, deep, cool, calm, reflective. This tonic never thinks that you are ‘too much’ & never feels that you shouldn’t express. It balances and supports all the divine femininity within us all.

Pomegranate & Broccoli naturally detoxify the liver & cool the Blood, bringing harmony & happiness to your heart & hormones what ever season of life you’re in.

Medicinal Mushroom Fu Ling & Freshwater Pearl are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to calm the spirit or Shen, & to anchor your mind to your heart-space where it belongs!

  • Pomegranate (antioxidant)
  • He Shou Wu (nourishes blood)
  • Pearl (calms & clears)
  • Fu Ling (harmonise fluids)
  • Rose Hip (anti-inflammatory)
  • Broccoli (detoxify)
  • Goji (immunity)

All batches of Yin Tonic are small batch, and made with the highest grade Chinese medicines. All ingredients are organic, wildcrafted & Di Tao. There are absolutely no fillers or sugars and each batch is made to make you feel magic!

NOURISH & FLOW with Aswan Hibiscus Flower Tea

This is the preferred drink of the Ancient Egyptian Pharos.

Our hibiscus tea is grown in one of the oldest known agricultural lands in the world, the Aswan region of Egypt.

It’s incredible health benefits make this tea fit for the goddess or god within.

Infuse hibiscus tea into your cacao brew and be transported to the time of the ancients as you call in the Ancient energy of the Egyptian Pharos and the Goddess IxCacao.

In more recent times, modern science has found that hibiscus flower contains high antioxidant, Quercetin and phenolic compounds that have been shown in research to reduce high blood pressure in those with hypertension, reduce cholesterol, protect against cancer and have anti-aging effects.

The energy drawn from the hibiscus flower tea when combined with these other potent brew ingredients calls the flow of divine womb waters and allows you to open to all that your creative juices have to offer you when you sink into a space of pure balance and harmony.


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