Cacao Kuchinas Membership

$9.95 inc. GST / month

This is our exciting monthly membership to our incredible Cacao Kuchinas Facebook group. Let your journey with cacao take you deep into your heart, your truth and your divine purpose. Be held.. Be supported..



In our monthly Cacao Kuchinas membership, you’ll get:

  • access to our Cacao Kuchinas facebook group
    ~ a safe space held by women for women walking this journey with IxCacao.
    ~ All the information and support you’ll need to work with the medicine of cacao.
    ~ immerse yourself in the wisdom and knowledge Shamanic Heart Medicine’s founders Shannon Vallance and Leigh Moir have to share.
  • access to 2 online cacao circle each month (worth $40)
  • Access to members VIP launches and product specials
  • And more so much more…