About Us 

Meet Shannon

This powerful force is so much more than the owner of the perfect set of eyebrows and an explosive, infectious laugh.

Shannon’s professional background saw her rise to the echelons of senior management within a nationally renowned photography powerhouse. Her tenure there saw her develop the credentials necessary to inform the attainment of business success, while illuminating for her the shortcomings of working an unremitting 80-hour week. Meanwhile, Shannon also obtained qualifications in not one but two Masters of Reiki, Hypnosis and NLP training, as one does.

Upon leaving the industry, depleted and grieving, a broken Shannon found herself in Bali. She reflected upon what had happened and how she could move forward, bringing all of her skills to the table; her years of leadership in business, reiki, hypnosis and NLP training. The result was The Business Shaman https://www.thebusinessshaman.com.au/, bringing the magic into business, teaching others how to run their operations from the heart, rather than the head.

While not an ordained shaman, Shannon had utilised shamanic practice instinctively, her whole life. After her first experience, also while in Ubud, Bali, at an IxCacao ceremony, Shannon knew that she had found her truth, and set about obtaining the training she would need so that she too could serve others in Cacao Circles. Her focus revolves around bringing women together in solidarity, honouring difference and connecting through sameness, with acceptance of the true self and the power therein being the primary goal. Approaching all participants with respect, joy and gratitude, Shannon assists as you seek to find where respect and honour come from, within you. Always within a learning state herself, she knows that the moment we think we know, we know nothing.

The woman behind The Business Shaman teamed up with fertility expert, Leigh Moir, and together these powerhouses birthed Shamanic Heart Medicine.


Meet Leigh

Finally, a women’s health practitioner who has a balanced professional background. And they said it couldn’t happen! Leigh’s highly sought-after background is in both Western and Chinese Medical fields. Initially training as an anaesthetic technician working primarily with caesarean patients, she then felt compelled to study Chinese Medicine, again focusing predominantly on female fertility. She has a Masters of Reproductive Medicine, for the love of all that’s good in the world.

Through her work in Chinese Medicine, Leigh sought further training, in NLP and hypnosis, and further developed her work in womb medicine, utilising a shamanic style of treatment. The light, calm, white energy that is Leigh has the scientific base and wisdom for healing well and truly covered. Regardless of which school of thought she utilises, Leigh’s calling has been to focus upon women facing fertility issues. Exploring the Divine connection via the womb, tapping into that energy to unpack “Who Am I” without the “Should” world imposing it’s restrictions, complications and
obstructions has seen Leigh lead her patients to successfully realise their desire to become mothers.

After experiencing her first IxCacao Circle, Leigh knew that she had found something special. During a home cacao session, she had an epiphany regarding teaming up with Shannon, with whom she had previously studied, to bring this transcendent healing and truth revealing practice to others.

Combining their complimentary talents and singular vision, they would form a business that would teach other women to run their own home cacao circles. Derived from the Aztec and Mayan cultures, delivering a service that would balance the connection to self is the culmination of her life’s work.

“Shamanic Heart Medicine is an offering from our hearts to yours. We have both experienced the incredible gifts that cacao has to offer and it is now our time to share this with you all. We source only the highest grade and ethical products to bring this medicine to you. We send you love on your own personal journey with cacao and know that with each and every heart that is expanded through this work, we will see us all dancing together with the universe instead of apart from it and each other.”


The Shaman’s Heart

The tradition of the Shaman is tens of thousands of years old. The word ‘Shaman’ is believed to have originated in Siberia from the word ‘Saman’ among those that spoke the tongue of Tungus. These practices were spread throughout the indigenous tribes of Northern Asia and evolved as each tribe adapted their own truth to these practices.

Shamanism is believed to be the oldest Spiritual practice in the world. It is considered the practice of animism ; the belief that all natural things, such as plants, animals, rocks, and thunder, have spirits and can influence human events. It is the practice of deep connection and entwinement of all and everything.

Our ancient ancestors used shamanic practices to invoke knowledge, to share wisdom and to heal their people. These practices migrated as human kind found themselves exploring this divine earth, discovery that many other ancient civilisation had their own tribal Shamans.

The word Shaman in modern Western usage, has seen a more generic application and it’s use is often meant as a homage to the traditional Shaman, more so than the claiming of the title. The traditional Shaman is the medicine woman or man with great connection to Spirit, and avails oneself with this connection to guide the healings of all in need.

We believe that the heart of the Shaman resides in everyone. The heart that is connected to all. The heart that has the ability to heal. The heart that is the guidance from which wisdom and intuitive knowledge emerges. The heart that is deeply in tune with spirit. The heart that is awoken..