“CEREMONY” Hawaiian Ceremonial Cacao (TARO) TRAVEL PACK

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Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes “Taro” Single Origin Ceremonial Cacao from the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii

Limited-release single-origin cacao. All our Hawaiian cacao is made for ceremony in a sustainable and prayerful way. Made entirely of cacao paste and tempered.



Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes “Ceremony” Single Origin Ceremonial Cacao from the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii
Taro is about our ancestors. The Grandfather and Grandmother energy or nurturance. Emotional and physical nourishment and care, security, protection, and encouragement. How can you learn to nurture yourself and find home within?
Rare Hawaiian cacao rich in volcanic energy. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine for manifestation and spiritual healing. Sitting in ceremony with cacao is about honouring things deeply and allowing all parts of yourself to be revealed, be seen, and to be held. Cacao supports you to connect on a deeper level, bring clarity, and expands the wisdom in your heart whilst offering safety, protection, and strength.
e hele me ka pu’olo
is the revered Hawaiian method of abundant flow that honours the universe and the creator by carrying an offering with you at all times. Keep this in mind when you prepare cacao and always give some back to Mother Earth.

100% Hawaiian Cacao

Kalo (Taro)
2 ceremonial servings included
Divide in half and mix each serving with 225ml of hot water.
Hawaiian cacao accounts for 1% of cacao in the world, making it the rarest and costliest cacao in the world. Liquid gold, made from cacao paste, not powder. Grown on the foothills of the mountain of Mauna Kea (the most sacred mountain in Hawaii) on the Hamakua Coast, known as the Breath of God. This cacao is rich in volcanic energy, the lifeblood of mother earth, creating powerful energy for manifestation, new beginnings, and setting new intentions.
This cacao is also rare and unique as no child labour or slavery has ever touched the plantations, harvest workers are paid USA living wages, all sustainably made, single origin, fewer plantings, hand harvested, hand winnowed, tree to disc and proceeds support the land, indigenous elders and sacred teachings.
We are proud that this item is:

Gluten free



Free of slave and child labour in its production

Hand sorted

Bean to disc

Single origin

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