Organic Cacao Butter


Our luxuriously smooth Organic Cacao Butter comes from sustainable cacao in the Amazon region of Peru. Use it in your cacao, in your cooking or as a beautiful, organic skin moisturiser.

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Ancient Peruvian Cacao Butter from the Criollo bean that has a wonderful aroma and a beautiful smooth texture.

Cacao Butter is one of the most stable fats known to woman (and man). It contains natural antioxidants which prevent rancidity and allow a long storage life of up to five years. Pure Cacao Butter also has the wonderful property of nourishing skin and helping diminish burn marks so is great to use in your daily beauty routine ceremony. It also helps to make scars less visible over a period of time so if you find yourself bathing in it we completely understand.


The first stage in processing Cacao is to grind the Cacao Beans to form a uniform paste. This paste has a natural fat content of roughly 50%. The pure Cacao Butter that is obtained by pressing the Cacao Paste (Cacao Liquor) is white-yellowish with a delightful cacao aroma and a divine creamy texture.

Our Cacao Butter is 100% Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan.

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