Sacred Egyptian Ceremony Oils


7 sacred ceremonial scents to choose from. Each with their own powerful medicinal and spiritual properties.

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We have 7 sacred ceremonial scents to choose from. Each with their own powerful medicinal and spiritual properties. Let your intuition guide you as you select the scent that will propel your ceremonial practise to the next level. These traditionally made Egyptian oils are cold pressed and bring with them a knowing from ancient times. They are potent in their guidance and healing so only a little is ever needed. These oils are rare and have been sourced through a woman of oil medicine who is deeply connected to the land of the Ancient Egyptians. She has spent many lifetimes on that land and it is in this life that she brings their wisdom to other lands far and wide. The ancient Egyptians were masters in knowledge and healing, and we share these oil with you as a way to enhance all that it is you are needing to work on to bring forth your true self in this life.


Call of the Soul

This oil brings your soul back into your body in complete alignment with your chakras. This is a fabulous oil to use during sleep, meditation or shamanic journeying to guide your soul back to your physical body, smoothly, easily and without causing any negative, ‘shock’ type reactions. When using this oil on the body, the soul is able to slide back into the body bringing with it balance and harmony after gaining the wisdom it gathered on its journeys. Call of the soul is an oil that amplifies YOU, you as your true self. This oil was used in ancient Egyptian times during mummification so that during the night time, when the soul left the body, it would be able to return and recognise the body of which it was to come back in to. This oil is all about soul recognition. Getting to know your true self and doing so in completely alignment and harmony.

Blue Lotus

An authentic blue lotus oil is a very rare find, and find it we did. This is the ancient oil of the sacred feminine. It aids in spiritual connection, opens your third eye, calms you, and gently guides your meditative practice. It is a fabulous oil to use during stressful times as it has a powerful calming action on the nervous system. Blue lotus is the ceremonial oil that the ancient Egyptians used to party with. They were known to have wild parties that would last for 3 or 4 days straight. They would feast, drink and then smell blue lotus oil to to uplift their energy and be able to keep the party and celebrations going. This oil is all about the sacred feminine within the spiritual world. It connects you, guides you and uplifts you. It balances your divine feminine energy. Use this oil to enhance your feminine energy should you feel it has been weakened or bring your masculine energy into alignment if it has become a little too overpowering.


Papyrus is the ancient oil of the sacred masculine and is all about ancient knowledge. The papyrus plant is grown along the Nile river and taps into the ancient energy of the earth as it calls in our ancestors. It will balance your feminine if it is too strong and bring your masculine into alignment should it need the supported to come back into balance. It is a fabulous oil to wear with Blue Lotus to balance your yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies. This is the oil of the knowing, it brings you the knowledge of past lives and that of your ancestors. It is a very grounding oil. You will literally feel your feet sink into the ground when you apply this oil, so if you are feeling like you are off with the pixies a little too much then this oil is calling you.

Horizon Image

This oil is all about getting you to focus on the journey. Seeing what is beyond the horizon. This oil is calling those who feel stuck, it will help shift and move you. Everything always look beautiful from afar but we often forget that it is the journey to these beautiful far away lands that holds the most most potent magic. It is being in the now that will get you to that horizon you see before you. Remembering the journey is the most valuable part of getting your to where you are going. Those that are feeling stuck in this life or past life memories, this oil will help clear that which no longer serves you to help you move forward in this life.

Mother of Life

The mother of life is all about re-sparking life back into the heart, tapping into ancient knowledge and rebirth. She magnifies the Isis energy, embodying the giving of life as she gives you new life. This oil assists you to learn as you go, welcoming in the ancient knowledge to guide you. She is the giver of everything, the good, the bad, the pain, the feel good moments. This oil will help you during those tough times to turn things around, to bring new life & new light into those dark times. She helps in all aspects of life, she supports you, she guides you like only a mother can. She helps you birth all into the world, that dream, that aspiration you have been holding onto, that new job. If you are need of a change, then the Mother of Life is here to help make all that happen and move you forward. This is the knowledge downloader, so be prepared to learn with this oil as you grow yourself and everything around you.


Rose all is all about the heart. Self love. Amplifying love. It brings out the inner self, gently guiding those that need to bring more self love into the life to see themselves with all the love they deserve. This is your potent heart activator for those needing to heal this chakra. Love, love, love! Need we say more.

Cleopatra Seduction

Cleopatra seduction is the oil for sensuality, sex, love, emotion, connect, seduction of the self or seduction of another person. Cleopatra is said to have used this oil to seduce her men. It invites in a calming and balancing energy between two people. This oil is euphoric, so be prepared to feel relaxed but so alive with this scent. This oil is the goddess of sensuality and will bring that sensual side back to you if you have lost touch between with it. Cleopatra seduction will make you feel magical within your own skin, but will also lift those around you. This oil is for those that need to be seen, as it will turn heads and people will be wanting to know why they find you so fascinating. It will bring your true self gently out into the world for your light to shine brightly for all to see.

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