Sexy Brew Kit


What’s included in your Sexy Brew Kit:

~ 500g Ubud Raw Cacao Paste

~ 50g Dark Moon Alchemy Jing Herbal Tonic

~ Blue Lotus Tea Flowers

~ Cayenne Powder

~ Nutmeg Powder

~ Cinnamon Powder

~ Universal orgasmic energy (note: this ingredient is invisible but incredibly tangible to all those ready to receive)

All ingredients are organic &/or pesticide free and made with love.

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It is time to get your fuck on.. Be it with yourself, with a partner or with partners. It is time to just get literally and spiritually fucked like the true and divine Goddess or God that you are.

Orgasms are magical potions with multiple purposes. Let our Sexy Brew Kit guide you into your sexual energy to unblock, to release and to just fucking explode with all the orgasmic energy your body is calling you to tap into.

In this Kit you will connect with the energy of our Ubud Raw cacao to ignite the divine, feminine, orgasmic energy and bring forth the energy that only an activated sacral chakra and yoni can provide.

With the Dark Moon Alchemy Jing Herbal Tonic you will be able to dive deep into the galactic void. This Jing tonic is the ultimate restorative that harnesses the creative, sexual, life force energy that is JingJing creates life itself. It is the energy in the sperm and egg, the divine creative flow, that essence in dark matter space that creates universes – coming straight from the Void, the ultimately potent restorative. This powerful adrenal tonic & protectant boosts energy sustainably. Jing governs growth, reproduction and development, increasing lifelong energy, fertility, mental clarity, libido & inspiration with a body and mind that defies ageing in todays world. No matter what you want to create ~ Jing Tonic will help you do it.

Ingredients in Jing Herbal Tonic:

  • He Shou Wu (nourishes blood)
  • Cistanche (strengthens)
  • Astragalus (immunity)
  • CS-4 Cordyceps (stamina)
  • Pearl (grounding)
  • Epimedium (sexual energy)
  • Pine Pollen (yang tonic)

Dark Moon Alchemy are all small batch, highest grade Chinese medicine, organic, wildcrafted & Di Tao ingredients. No fillers or sugars, and are made to make you feel magic!

Our Blue Lotus Tea Flowers will infuse your brew with the orgasmic party energy of ancient Egypt. It is said that the ancient Egyptians used blue lotus at their parties that would go for days. And let me tell you when they partied, THEY PARTIED. It would be days of fine foods, connection to spirit, and activation of the divine sexual energy that only fucking self and each other can call in. They would use blue lotus to give them the energy to have sex and keep partying day and night.

So get your sexy on and allow your energy to flow with all that orgasmic energy!

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