Yin Tonic


Yin Tonic Ingredients:

  • Pomegranate (antioxidant)
  • He Shou Wu (nourishes blood)
  • Pearl (calms & clears)
  • Fu Ling (harmonise fluids)
  • Rose Hip (anti-inflammatory)
  • Broccoli (detoxify)
  • Goji (immunity)

Small batch, highest grade Chinese medicine

Organic, Wildcrafted & Di Tao ingredients

No fillers or sugars, measured by weight

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Yin – dark, deep, cool, calm, reflective. This tonic never thinks that you are ‘too much’ & never feels that you shouldn’t express. It balances and supports all the divine femininity within us all.

Pomegranate & Broccoli naturally detoxify the liver & cool the Blood, bringing harmony & happiness to your heart & hormones what ever season of life you’re in.

Medicinal Mushroom Fu Ling & Freshwater Pearl are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to calm the spirit or Shen, & to anchor your mind to your heart-space where it belongs!

Deliciously sweet, this tonic is a favourite to include in smoothies, or to eat straight off the spoon!

Or it can be added to smoothies, breakfast bowls or with coconut yoghurt & fruit.

Made to make you feel magic!

Claims not approved by FDA/TGA but applied  in Chinese Medicine for centuries.

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